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FRESH-LINE The taste of health… The brand of quality fruits… the brand of healthy taste… Top fruits produced under strict IPM “Integrated Pest Management” programs. Benefiting from the relative advantages that Jordan geo-climate offers. Export oriented production to meet the most sophisticated consumer taste. Picked & Packed with ultra care to meet your high standards. […]


FRUIT TREES & PROJECTS MANAGEMENT A real fruit tree expert, to share with you your worries, your needs and your success. So be our partner and be confident that your profit is our success. We are pioneers in “under contract” fruit tree production & variety edition Certified VF (Virus Free) new varieties and new rootstocks. […]


RENOVATION & REMODELING (R&R) Service strives to provide full customer satisfaction. Before starting your garden remodel, survey your space and browse landscape ideas to figure out how best to fill it. If you love working outdoors, a large rose garden or vegetable garden is the perfect way to use your space. On the other hand, […]


PLANTSCAPING & BANQUETING If you are looking for new and innovative ideas for your coming event and you want to characterize, we are there to help you achieve this through the utilization of the banqueting and plantscaping, We take care of your company, restaurant, hotel opening and weddingsWe cover all indoors, outdoors, and directions to […]


GARDEN CARE The art of quality service Once your garden is established, or is already established, our role doesn’t end there; we guarantee that your garden maintains its health all year round, starting in autumn by planting lawns, ornamental trees, and winter bulbs, also, by pests and diseases control. Our job is to insure the […]


AQUASCAPE & SWIMMING POOL The natural sound of water is a well-known stress reliever and its relaxing effect can transport you to a different place. We are specialized in the design and installation of swimming pools, water pathways, and all kinds of water features like waterfalls, wet walls, streams, cascades fountains and ponds that drown […]


LAWNSCAPE Your lawn is a major part of your curb appeal, and when your lawn doesn’t look good, your image suffers. Compliment your home with lush green grass that allows the landscaping and exterior to command all of the attention, without spending large amounts of time laboring in your yard With our professional services, the […]


IRRIGATION SYSTEM For that reason Dajani Agribusiness adopted smart Irrigation systems to recognize advances in irrigation technology and practices that produce not only more but also higher quality plants with less water, it is installed to provide minimal maintenance.  


LIGHTING SYSTEMS It has to be dark for stars to appear as well for the lighting system in Landscape… We Let The Night Speak. Dajani Agribusiness guarantees a beautiful garden at all times of the year, nights and days. We will take care of everything needed in a Garden, from A to Z. Outdoor lighting […]


HARDSCAPE & WOODWORKS Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works; define your outdoor space and bring symmetry between the house and garden with hard elements. Landscaping not only includes enjoying the live elements of nature but also includes the non-living elements such as stone and wood, […]