Dajani Agnibusiness

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If you are looking for new and innovative ideas for your coming event and you want to characterize, we are there to help you achieve this through the utilization of the banqueting and plantscaping, We take care of your company, restaurant, hotel opening and weddingsWe cover all indoors, outdoors, and directions to design your event or space exactly as you imagined it. As a team, we further enhance the design by selecting rare plants, pompous colors of flowers of high-taste that are then presented in a beautiful, elegant fashion.

Our charming ideas can be applied at any setting, whether in a hotel,a yard,homes or farms.

Plantscaping is an interior landscaping can be used inside companies and malls and even within your own office. It allows you to enjoy special interior plant designsthat give you a friendly environment.If you have the passion or joy of caring for plants, you have the option of maintaining the plants on your own. However, we have the pleasure of providing a great maintenance team that can regularly take care of your plants.